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Current major ongoing clients include:


Talleys Fisheries Ltd - Koshin Maru

Amaltal Fishing Co. Ltd - M.V. Amaltal Explorer Amaltal Enterprise, Amaltal Atlantis


Independent Fisheries Ltd - M.V Meulla


New Zealand Long Line Ltd - M.V Auro Chieftain


Petromont Fishing Co. Ltd - M.V. Adelaide Pearl


Sanford South Island Ltd - M.V. Dong Wong 701, Dong Wong 519, Dong Wong

Port Maintenance Group has carried out a wide variety of ship repairs and refurbishments from small to large vessels. We also specialise in general engineering and outside contract work.

Capabilities include:

  • Twenty-four hour call out

  • Vessel haul out up to 1000 tonne

  • Alongside repairs all tonnages

  • Marine Surveys

  • Full marine refits

  • Boiler repairs

  • Winch overhauls

  • Fish pound and fish hold maintenance

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